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Basic HSE-course, 3 days - Arbeidsmiljøopplæring på engelsk, 3 dager

Basic HSE-course, 3 days - Arbeidsmiljøopplæring på engelsk, 3 dager The course provides the participants with a general understanding of how Norwegian Health and Safety regulations are expected to be implemented in all work environments.

Course by Arbeidsmiljøsenteret.

Pris: 9 900,-
Medlemspris: 9 000,-
The different roles of employers, management, the work environment committee and the safety delegates are emphasized.

The participants will also learn how they can engage with the laws and regulations to acquaint themselves with specific regulations related to different areas of the work environment. Examples include demands on technical equipment, noise limits, safety regulations, and a wide range of other issues.

Internal course: The training can be arranged within your company as an internal course. With such an arrangement we ca adapt to your needs when it comes to the content and duration of the training.
Faglig innhold:
  • Basic knowledge of the Working Environment Act
  • Duties of employer, employees and safety representatives
  • Requirements regarding the working enviroment
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Systematic health, environment and safety work
  • Working environment cooperation
Target group:
Safety representatives, members of working environment committees and others involved in HSE work

Knowledge requirements:

Course by:

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